Low Range Off Road

Low Range Off Road

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For those of us that contribute to TCT Magazine and for those of you that read TCT Magazine the DzLove of Off Roadingdz is in our blood.  We love to simply Dzget out theredz and get away from our busy city lives, see what few have seen, and take in a surreal sunset or sunrise... or both!  The deeper we go or the higher we climb may find us wanting more from the vehicles we drive.   To achieve the desired result or travel to the most remote locations requires us to modify or improve our vehicles.   This same desire is shared by the family that makes up Low Range Off Road.  

Low Range

Low Range Off Road

Sean along with his brothers Chris and Brycen caught the Dzlovedz on a family trip to Moab, Utah.  They grew up camping and riding 4-wheelers but this was the first time they had gone off-roading in a pickup.  That trip started it all.   Sean went on to purchase his first 4WD which was a Suzuki Samari dubbed DzTweetydz because of its bright yellow finish.  Sean also began working for another 4WD store to begin to understand the business and the industry.  Chris went to school and became a Toyota Master Tech for a local dealer. Brycen, the youngest brother, enjoyed the summers with his brothers while he went to school. A couple of years later Sean decided to strike out on his own.  Low Range Off Road or LROR for short, had humble beginnings in the laundry room of Sean Conk’s home.As time went on the business grew and pretty soon Sean’s wife began working full time with the company.  They moved the business into a store front which would be the first of  three moves.  Each move growing larger and offering more products.  Chris joined Sean to help grow and develop the company.  With his Toyota background and relationships they expanded the Toyota product variety.  Brycen came on board to help with the ever growing company and begin the development of various parts designed and manufactured by Low Range themselves.    

At Low Range everyone shares a passion not only for Toyota and Suzuki (and now Nissan) trucks and SUV’s, but for helping others achieve the look and function that they want on their particular project.   Low Range is striving to be your one stop shop for everything you need  at the right price.   Whether you are building up your daily driver for weekend getaways, building a dedicated trail rig, or looking to outfit your KOH buggy with some new equipment, they have, or can get what you need. They stock a large percentage of what they list on their website so that you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get it.  If what you need does not exist, then you need to talk with Low Range because they might just build it.   Low Range has been working to fill the gap on parts that don’t exist or make improvements on parts that simply don’t function correctly.  Top that off with the fact that they own Inchworm Gear and Opti-Lube Fluids and you have very little reason to go elsewhere.      

When I asked LROR what their long term goals are the answer is what we all hope to hear.   Stay focused on supporting Japanese auto brands (Toyota, Suzuki, and Nissan), providing top notch service to our customers, continuing to develop niche parts where needed and strive to be the BEST, not the biggest.  But it doesn’t stop there, because of their focus on family and friendships they also embrace a stress free work environment that fosters growth and development of their employees. 

2015 marks the 10th anniversary for Low Range Off Road.  They have accomplished quite a bit in just      10yrs.  One can only imagine what they will be able to accomplish in t he next 10 years.  We are all looking forward to that.    


Low Range Off Road at a glance

The company officially began in 2005

36 employees as of 2015  

6000+  products currently offered on their website

An average of 25 new items listed every month  

An average of 250 packages shipped daily

Roughly 40% of all shipments are international

Contact Information:

Low Range Off Road - 801-805-6644



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