2015 Holiday Gear Guide

2015 Holiday Gear Guide

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Stocking Stuffers Products under $50

1.Elemental Herbs World Traveler Gift Set Pack All Good protection and healing with this perfect set of go-to products for when you’re on the go. Perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle who just needs to throw their all-natural essentials in a bag and GO, the World Traveler set contains the All Good SPF 15 Lip Balm, All Good Sunscreen Sport SPF 33, All Good Goop, the Organic Hand Sanitizer (also can be used as a breath freshener), and the unscented Sunstick SPF 30. $41.41 at www.elementalherbs.com

Elemental Herbs


2.The EnerPlex Jumpr™ Stack 3 is a 3,200 mAh portable battery that can directly charge smartphones digital cameras, and more via its tethered Micro-USB and Lighting connector outputs. Pair two or more Stacks together and you can charge the batteries simultaneously via its magnetic stack and charge functionality. MSRP: $39.99 at www.goenerplex.com

EnerPlex Jumper

3.MPowered Luci EMRG 3-in-1 Inflatable Solar Light Luci EMRG is a pocket-sized lantern, flashlight and emergency light all-in-one. Needing only sunlight to stay charged, Luci EMRG shines reliably through storms, blackouts, roadside trouble or whenever you need light. Waterproof, lightweight, and extremely durable, tuck one in your travel bag, keep one in your car and store one in your emergency kit. $9.99 at www.mpowered.com

MPowered Luci EMRG

4.Brunton TRUARC™15Drawing upon our classic 15TDCL, the all new TruArc™ 15 is upgraded with a full coverage mirror cover for extra protection, and the TruArc™ Global Needle system with Ever-North™ rare earth magnets. The high-visibility cling lends low-light and night time performance, and the triple clinometers system gives fast and accurate reference information for avalanche safety or earth-science field work. $49.99

Brunton TRUARC

5.Spot Trace SPOT Trace uses 100% satellite technology to track anything, anytime, anywhere, making it the ultimate anti-theft device for boats, kayaks, canoes, jet skis and other valuable assets. Users can receive theft-alert SMS texts or emails when movement is detected. Customized tracking intervals and notification features, such as power off and daily status messages, are included with Basic Service. SPOT Trace’s battery life of up to 18 months and available line power option lets users confidently monitor assets on and off the grid, in near real-time via the SPOT App. Free after Mail-In-Rebate (valid through 12/31/2015, terms and conditions apply) plus tracking plan. Find more information, including details on the rebate, at www.findmespot.com




6.Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof™ Business Travel Pants Dressy enough to wear to the office yet durable enough to see you securely around the world! The patent pending 4th generation Business Traveler design features 7 multi-secure pockets:  5 double secure & 2 triple secure. Select your level of security: the protection of multiple money-belts with none of the hassle. Your items are stored right at your fingertips vs underneath your clothes - behind 2 & even 3 layers of pick-pocket prevention! $99.95 at www.clothingarts.com 

Clothing Arts

7.5.11 Tactical Cirrus Women’s Pants Crafted from our two-way mechanical stretch fabric for a perfect blend of fit, flexibility, and durability, Cirrus Pants excel in the field, office, and off-duty. Front and seat pockets, sized for magazines, a knife, or a cell phone, supplement a covert, low-profile design that easily dresses up or down, as needed. A fully gusseted crotch and TEFLON® finish ensure you’re as ready for the day as you are comfortable. Everything just got a little easier, and you got a little more equipped. $69.99

Tactical Cirrus

8.Craghoppers Berko Insect Shield Long-Sleeved Shirt Technology meets effortless style in this classy stretch check shirt that’s perfect for tropical travel. Drying loops allow for easy field washing and the integrated cooling and solar collar keep you cool and protected from the sun. The Insect Shield performance keeps you protected all day long, while the special moisture-wicking fabric helps skin feel fresh even when the sun’s at its hottest. $95.00 at www.us.craghoppers.com


9.Berghaus Women's Thermal Long Sleeve Zip Neck Stay warm on your winter hikes with the high performance Women's Active Thermal Long Sleeve Zip Neck Tee. An inner grid structure for thermal insulation combined with Argentium fabric technology allows for both warmth and comfortable moisture management during any physical activity. The front zip maximizes venting during periods of high activity for improved core temperature control. Exercise hard but stay fresh; this innovative fabric uses silver ion technology for permanent odor reduction Stay safe in the sun - this top is long sleeved and has a UPF>50 for added sun protection. $70.00 at usa.berghaus.com


10.ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Underwear 17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of award-winning underwear. (Ok, maybe two.) The new Sport Mesh boxer brief pairs ergonomic fit with ultralight mesh for active performance. Whether you're cycling through Patagonia, trekking in Thailand, or trail running in your home range, the Sport Mesh will keep you cool, fresh, and comfortable. Starting at $18.00 at www.exofficio.com (link to www.exofficio.com/sportmesh)


Outdoor Gear & Gadgets

11.Manfrotto Off road Hiker 30L Backpack The new Off road Hiker 30L has been specifically designed for hiking and photography with quick side- access to your camera. Thanks to the Manfrotto Protection System, the removable camera case is highly protective. It holds a Pro DSLR, 70-200mm lens and an additional lens. The backpack converts into a total hiking backpack by unzipping the internal divider and removing the camera bag. The innovative camera strap featured on the front of the backpack allows the camera to be kept secure on the chest when it is carried, avoiding neck strain. The bag has been designed with high-quality premium materials and careful attention to ergonomics and comfort. $199.99 at www.manfrotto.us


12.Gerber MP1-MRO Multi Tool Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations: we built the new MP1 Military MRO Multi-Tool for these explicit uses. This heavy duty tool’s forged jaws can withstand rigorous torque and compression. It contains full-sized serrated and fine edge blades for tough cutting and slicing duty. The cotter pin hook allows users to pull cotter pins from vehicles without having to use pliers. The magnetic bit driver accepts standard size bits. The file, pry bar, bottle opener, and utility blade all provide unique functionality for this purpose-built tool. $176.00 at www.gerbergear.com

Gerber Gear

13.Travel Chair Wallaby For those who want it all, the wallaby does not sacrifice any amenities or comfort and you still get a chair that is super light and packs down small. Lightweight and compact, the Wallaby features a tough aluminum frame capable of supporting up to 300lbs. The redesigned feet increase stability in loose soil. The addition of armrests and a taller seat height means you can comfortably lounge by the campfire all evening. $134.99 at www.travelchair.com

Travel Chair

14.TemboTusk Skottle Pronounced Skaw-Til, the Skottle originated in the early 1940s and is now synonymous with grilling in South Africa. The Tembo Tusk Skottle is designed to be used with an inexpensive Coleman style single burner and a gas bottle.  The burner simply hangs in the frame welded to the bottom of the Skottle pan. The legs are removable and can be stored separately. $125 at www.tembotusk.com

Tempo Tusk Skottle

15.Kammok Thylacine Sleeping Bag Through a unique change in interface (Variable Warmth Technology™), the warmth of the Thylacine can be adjusted through a system of insulated liners to adapt to a variety of distinct environments. By layering additional, removable liners and inserts inside the base sleeping bag, the Thylacine can increase its warmth in increments of 15 degrees. The beauty of this design is the entire Thylacine system is the equivalent of owning three different temperature rated sleeping bags in one, at a fraction of the cost. Since the liners and inserts are sold separately, buy only what you need, when you need it, and customize the bag for your comfort since down and synthetic (2016) bags, Liners, and Liner Inserts are interchangeable. Starting at $329.00 at www.kammok.com


16.Klecker Knives Klax Lumberjack Head Designed for the serious outdoor enthusiasts the KLAX Lumberjack offers high-end performance, versatility and extreme lightweight bundled with over 10 multi-tool features.  Plus, our patent-pending and proven KLAX® Clamping System, utilizing a pair of clamps that pivot out from the ax head to secure tightly onto an optional ax handle or a temporary handle made in the field from a tree branch. Heat-treated for rugged outdoor use with the patent-pending Clamping System, the KLAX® Lumberjack is ready for the great outdoors. $160 at www.kleckerknives.com

Klecker Knives

17.VSN Mobile V360 The V.360° is the first device to capture 360 degrees of video or still images with a 4K/16 Megapixel imager in full 1080p high definition. Whether hurtling down a ski slope, snorkeling, in a business meeting, at a wedding or on a jungle safari, the V.360° camera can capture the experience from every angle at once and let others feel like they are right in the middle of the action. It utilizes a very high quality, 4K/16 Megapixel imager capable of capturing 360 degree video in full HD (6480 x 1080 pixels) – comparable to three full 1080p images laid side to side $399.00 atwww.v360life.com


18.Striker ILLUMiDOME Lantern The ILLUMiDOME is an extremely durable, light-weight, waterproof lantern that packs the power of a full size lantern in a compact size. This premium light boasts 220 LUMENS of wide angle light with its 1 Watt LED, and offers light settings of; low, medium, high, and a rapid blinking hazard. The ILLUMiDOME can hang upright from the removable Velcro strap, or hang upside down from the split rings nested in its base. Yet, the main feature that skyrockets the ILLUMiDOME in front of the competition is its dual light output option. $24.99 at www.striker1.com


19.Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ Cube Set Ultra-lightweight packing organization. Three silnylon cubes that weigh less than 2.2 oz cumulatively, so that you can keep your clothing organized without worrying about weight. This translucent fabric is the same fabric used for lightweight tents and backpacks, it is super-durable, and stain and water-repellant. $38.00 at www.eaglecreek.com

Eagle Creek

20.Tiktaalik Field Knife Set The Field Knife Set is the first compact set of professional quality stainless steel cooking knives specifically designed to travel. The Field Knife Set was born out of a desire to evolve, simplify and distill the traditional cooking knife into a tool equally appropriate for indoor and outdoor use without compromising on performance or quality. The Field Knife Set consists of three of the most commonly used kitchen knives: a small paring knife, a serrated knife, and a compact chef’s knife. Each knife is optimized for outdoor cooking and travel but unlike most other camping knives on the market, they are of such high quality they can also be used all day, every day, even at home. Starting at $249.99 from www.tiktaalik.com


Truck Accessories

21.Trail Toys EZView Mirrors The Trail Toys EZView Mirrors provide a 35% greater field of view compared to your stock mirrors. With these mirrors you will be able to see the lane next to you, and the lane over from that, without having to look around the B-pillar. That means that you won’t have to worry about vehicles camping out in your blind spot, since you don’t have one anymore. The mirrors are currently available for the 05-15 Tacoma and all years of the FJ Cruiser (set to start shipping mid December). The 5th gen 4runner and Tundra are up next. From $45.00 http://trailtoys.net

Trail Toys

22.Jackcovers 15” Jack Cover With uncompromising durability, our patent pending custom Jack Covers are built for years of protection and are designed to stand up to even the most demanding and rugged environments!!  Our jack covers help keep your jack lubricated and rust free so when you need to use your jack it will actually work.  We all know how dangerous a Hi-Lift jack can be.  A dirty, dry, rusted, and non-lubricated jack is even more dangerous.... even deadly!  Don't get caught in the middle of nowhere with a dry and rusty jack that doesn't work. $59.99 at www.jackcovers.com


23.Dometic CFX-65DZ Portable Cooler The new Dometic CFX cooler/freezer range is the result of many years of research and product development. After gaining an understanding of travel leisure, we have taken your feedback into account to develop a cooler that is tough enough to endure the harshest outdoor environments. We figure if it will perform there, it will perform in any situation, so you can go anywhere! The CFX-65DZ Dual Zone has a 42 litres fridge and a 19 litres freezer which function at the same time. It comes with two baskets, and the freezer compartment comes with a lid. The fridge compartment fits 60 cans and up to a standard Riesling bottle. It also features a dairy compartment for perishables. MSRP: $880 Find a local dealer by visiting www.dometic.com/USA.



24.LabRak RB Bumper Fog Light Assembly Upgrade With the support of ARB, we have designed drop in replacement light modules to replace their plastic models. The Light Pod modules are a direct replacement for the ARB bumpers. They easily install into the factory provisions, providing a substantial upgrade in quality, durability and lighting. Each is laser cut from a single sheet of CR steel, precision formed then professionally welded. After abrasive cleaning, each is powder coated to ensure corrosion resistance. We use Cardinal Matte finish with 20% gloss to complement the ARB bumper and look factory. Designed in-house, by our chief design engineer. Using the latest in CAD technology for a precise fit and superior craftsmanship. Starting at $295 from www.LabRak.com


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