GPS Off-Road Navigation (OutdoorX4)

GPS Off-Road Navigation (OutdoorX4)

I recently had the opportunity to contribute to OutdoorX4 with a comprehensive article covering GPS Off-Road Navigation options.

I covered three main topics, with multiple options under each. Your choice of navigation will depend a lot on budget, platform, usage, and personal preference.

GPS Devices

  • The hardware you use for outdoor adventure. Everything from Garmin devices to tablets and phone is included. I intentionally left out comptuers and other platforms since they're no longer very common in the space.


  • There are a number of great options for GPS navigtion on both the Android and iOS platforms. All of the top apps are covered in great detail.

Data Providers

  • Your system is only as good as your information, so I included the best places around the Internet that I've found. 

You can read the entire article right now over at OutdoorX4