Adventure Planning with FunTreks & Hema Maps

Adventure Planning with FunTreks & Hema Maps

Planning your 2018 Adventure? You can use tools like the FunTreks Website (and guidebooks/data cards/maps) along with apps like Hema Explorer to get ready for a grand adventure!

We made a short video showing the basic steps =)


The basic steps include:

  1. Use Hema Explorer Cloud to browse for tracks & trips
  2. Get free waypoints from FunTreks, and also check out their books, data cards, and printed maps
  3. Add all your waypoints to your Cloud Account
  4. Organize everything in a Folder
  5. Sync to your Device
  6. Download multiple map layers for offline use
  7. Enjoy your adventure!

Check out the all new FunTreks Website!

Visit Hema Explorer and Hema Cloud to get the App!