FJ Cruiser Armor Articles

FJ Cruiser Armor Articles

FJ Cruiser Front Bumper rear bumper and armor articlesWhile we’re finishing up the April 2013 issue of FJC Magazine, I was thinking now would be a good time for a little retrospective on the armor related articles we’ve done in the past. As many of you know, we consider good skid plates for your FJ Cruiser one of the most essential modifications if you’re planning on moderate to difficult trails. Of course for many, front and/or rear bumpers are the first ways you’ll modify your truck.



We’ve done several articles over the years related to FJ Cruiser armor, I’ve listed them here:


July 2008

FJ Cruiser Skid Comparison

Off Road 101: Trail Armor

July 2009

Aluminess Front Bumper Review

FJ Cruiser Front Bumper Comparison

October 2009

Ricochet Front LCA Skids

January 2010

Aluminess Rear Bumper New Product

October 2010

LoD Rear Bumper Install

July 2011

Armorology Custom Front Bumper

January 2012

General Armor Rear LCA Install

April 2012

Warrior Products Front Bumper Install