Full Toytec BOSS Review

Full Toytec BOSS Review

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When my middle son turned 16, it was time to add another Toyota 4x4 to the family. As we discussed vehicle options, my addicted-to-country-music teenage son felt that a Ford F150 King Ranch Edition would align with his country-boy wannabe lifestyle. I advised the Dallas suburbanite that we were not purchasing a full-size pickup truck for a new driver, and since we didn’t reside on a farm, it simply wasn’t necessary. Besides, we’re a Toyota off-road family. He has always enjoyed driving my 4Runner on unpaved routes, so he agreed.

I stumbled upon a deal for a high mileage, but well-kept 2007 FJ Cruiser 4WD. We already had a 4Runner and a Tacoma, so adding an FJC seemed logical. It already had a suspension lift with off-road tires courtesy of the previous owner. It was also throwing engine codes, which made negotiations favorable for me. Money saved meant I could install an aftermarket audio system for connectivity to his phone, plus the backup camera to provide the kid with improved rear visibility.   

After the purchase was made in a rural town, I drove it home. At over 183,000 miles on the odometer, driving on rural Texas paved roads was not pleasant. The old suspension was stiff and unforgiving. I hadn’t noticed this on the test drive, but now that I was on an old highway, it was rough.  

We surprised the kid with it on his 16th birthday. He really liked it...especially since it had a good sounding audio system that sync’d with his smartphone, was lifted, and has nice off-road rims and tires.

A month later, I got a deal on an ARB front bumper, and together we installed it with the help of a buddy. The added weight of the front bumper was all it took:  the front driver’s side shock experienced a massive leak. Suddenly the FJC deal seemed less of a deal, as I now needed to purchase a complete suspension. 

Full Toytec BOSS Review

After asking around I decided to go with the BOSS Suspension System for 07-09 FJ Cruiser (LINK: http://tctmag.us/ttbossfj ) offered by Toytec Lifts. With the ARB front bumper weight to consider, I opted for the heavier-duty 650 lb. coilover springs. Color? Red, of course, so the kid could show off the suspension in the high school parking lot. The complete kit included: 

-ToyTec BOSS 2.0 front coilover with 650 lbs. red springs 

-Toytec BOSS rear shocks 

-Toytec Rear Superflex Coils 

-Sway bar relocate bracket needed for clearance 

-Front Diff Drop 

-Toytec Signature rear bump stop drop kit 

Full Toytec BOSS Review

A month later, I was headed on a little overland-style trip with some buddies and I decided I wanted to experience the new suspension off-road. Attaching the XVenture Trailer did not cause the rear-end to sink, the rear springs held the FJC level. Traveling on the highway to our off-road destination was relaxing and it was clear that the BOSS Suspension had improved the ride significantly. 

Full Toytec BOSS Review

After setting up camp, we unhitched our trailers and visited an area with some old trails. I was thrilled with how the suspension handled on the trails. Since we installed extended rear sway bar endlinks, I didn’t bother disconnecting the bar and rear shock travel was sufficient. Toytec offers a rear shock option that includes a remote reservoir for more travel, but my goal was to stay within a budget for a kid who will off-road maybe 3 or 4 times a year.    

Full Toytec BOSS Review

The next opportunity to try out the shocks was while riding passenger at Lone Star Toyota Jamboree. It was pure joy watching the smile on my son’s face as he conquered obstacles and trails on the various runs. These trails were far more rugged that what I had encountered on the overland trip. Thus, I was experiencing the full effect of the suspension—and it was awesome. When it comes time to replace the suspensions on our other Yotas, BOSS will be at the top of the list. 

Full Toytec BOSS Review

Let’s talk about the technical details of these 2.0 shocks, which are made in the USA. The front shocks are designed with a 5/8” nitro steel shock shaft for increased resistance to corrosion, as opposed to chrome-plated shafts. This isn’t one-shock fits all: Toytec offers model-specific versions valved specifically for your Yota. These shocks are adjustable from 0-3” of lift (spanner wrench included). The rear bump stop kit is designed specifically for the Superflex coils for optimal protection, and the rear shocks / Superflex coils work in sync for maximum travel.

I’ve had the privilege of driving a lot of Toyota 4x4 trucks with various suspensions, from budget level to high-end, and I can say the BOSS Suspension is a worthwhile value. When I first received the Toytec shipment and opened the box, the build quality was immediately obvious. The ride, both on and off the pavement, is exquisite. When you’re in the market for a new suspension, don’t rule out the suspension that handles like a BOSS. 

Full Toytec BOSS Review


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