Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota FJ-40 Land CruiserHistory of the Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a vast history dating back to the 1950's. In the last 60+ years, it's morphed from a rugged utilitarian 'Jeep' like vehicle to a modern, sleek, luxury SUV. The entire time the LC has kept the ability to take us well off the beaten path. The Land Cruiser (and his many descendents) are some of the most dependable, rugged, and iconic vechicles in the world.

Instead of re-hashing some of the great stories that are already published on the LC, we've listed summaries of a few key resources we've found on the web. Explore the links below to learn more about this living legend, the Toyota Land Cruiser


Land Cruiser History 70 series

The UK Toyota Site has put together a nice introduction to the History of Land Cruiser. It covers mostly the early development, but gets into other variations (such as the 70 series, Prado, and FJ Cruiser) that have become the most popular Land Cruiser models.


For a quick read, this is a great start for light & medium duty Land Cruiser history.


Read the full article here.




80 Series Land Cruiser HistoryThe Toyota Global site has done a great job with a fully interactive Land Cruiser History experience. The site includes detailed information on every model including the BJ, 20-30 series, FJ-40, FJ-55, 50 Series, 80 Series, 100 Series, and Prado 120 Series. It's a little dated in that the 200 series & FJ Cruiser models are not included, but overall this is a very thorough site showcasing the ghosts of Land Cruiser past.


See the full article






A great graphic showing many of the variations of Land Cruiser over the years. One thing to note is that nearly every Toyota Truck & SUV can trace it's lineage back to the original Land Cruiser.
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Land Cruiser History poster

Finally, a basic graphic showing the main Land Cruiser models through the 120 Series

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Land Cruiser History Poster through 120 series