Overland Expo Mountain West

Overland Expo Mountain West

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The first ever Overland Expo Mountain West was held August 27-29 in Loveland Colorado, our home state is of course the perfect host. TCT Magazine started in Colorado, though now we have editors across the US (including our new East coast office).

Crowds show just how much Coloradans love their Toyotas - Land Cruisers, 4Runners, Tacomas, and Tundras were everywhere.

OEMW showcases an increasing number of products to make overlanding more fun. Whether its making your Toyota more capable, safe, or better looking, increasing camp comfort and efficiency, or just plain geeking out over the tech.

Inspiration comes in all forms and sizes. To be honest, its always been the little guys, like our modest publication, that grab our attention first. The creativity, motivation, grit, and tenacity it takes to take a trail or camp idea to market is nothing short of amazing. OEMW still embraces that independent spirit at the heart of overlanding.

Starting with old friends, we caught up with Scott Brady (Overland Journal/Expedition Portal) and Kurt Williams (Cruiser Outfitters/Expedition Overland/I4WDTA Certified Trainer) as they visited with Richard and Ashley Giordano (@desktoglory) and Jackson Philby (@sleeoffroad and I4WDTA Certified Trainer), all catching up and having a good time at Scott’s new Scout camper (@scoutcampers).

Kurt Williams and Scott Brady

Overland Gear Guy (@overlandgearguy) entered the overland space after attending Expo East. They are a husband and wife operation out of the Salt Lake area. We’ve used their Fire Extinguisher Headrest Pouch for more than two years now in two Land Cruisers and always look to see what they are offering.

Overland Gear Guy - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

You have seen Tim Nakari’s Gamiviti racks everywhere. Tim, a longtime friend in our local Rising Sun TLCA Club, made the leap to full-time overland product designer, manufacturer, and seller, just over two years ago.

Gamiviti Racks - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

We talk about Adventure Tool Company every Expo because they just make such great gear. All USA made! Sewn in Colorado. Brand new at Expo was the Expedition Pack. So new that its only available at Expo right now. We saw it first.

ATC Expedition pack - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

So many more friends and not enough space to talk about them all, so here are some pictures:

GOBI Rack - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Toytec Lifts - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Outer Limit Supply - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Rhino Rack USA - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

At the opposite end of the spectrum, some of the biggest names in the industry have discovered Overlanding as a distinct market segment. These sometimes billion-dollar companies bring sophistication, skill, and massive resources. That in some cases lowers the cost of entry, increases available options, and frankly, its great to have so many new options.

Dometic is massive. But the outdoor group team is lead by a core that operates like a small upstart. We have gotten to know that crew well these past years. Dometic has demonstrated a serious commitment to overlanding.

Our favorite Sr. Product Manager tests everything in his FJ60 and walked us through their newest, “Dometic Go” collection premarket items (for Spring 2022 release).

Dometic turned the volume to 11 with its 11 liter (get it? “volume” and “11”) water container which is packed with features. One opening fits a Nalgene-style cap and comes with a spigot. With many more function driven features, this may be a game changer in how you carry water.

Dometic Go Water - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

A complimentary one liter per minute self-powered USB rechargeable faucet (sold separately)  provides running water at the touch of a button. We don’t have a water tank in our 80 series.  With Dometic Go we can have running water with none of the hassles of a fixed install. This is a well thought out system we look forward to field testing.

The PAC50 Storage case promises durable, lightweight, and modular storage designed for overlanding needs. Vertical sides maximize space. IP65 ratings means it can be strapped to a rack or set outside in the rain. The contents will stay dust free and dry. Collapsible, waterproof, and configurable storage inserts with optional insulating liners will be available.

Dometic Pack 50 - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Fox, always a leader in suspension products, was out with their NASCAR scale display trailer, but their sales rep Dylan Ewald is a super down-to-earth local overlander we’ve shared some trail days with.

Kenda is well known for specialty tires and our long term test and review of the Klever A/T2 KR628 is going well. At Expo we got to meet the team in person.

Kenda Tire - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Warn and Factor55 had great gear to showcase and discuss.

Warn factor 55  - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Featured rigs and new Tacomas made us dream and drool.

  - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

 From the road - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

2022 tacoma - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Truck camper on tacoma - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

Many international companies attend Overland Expo. Since we have broken bread in Israel with our friends at the ASFIR company, a longtime family owned business based in northern Israel, we thought it only fitting to introduce them to the great American tradition of Funnel Cake! They’ll be back, and so will we!

ASFIR 4x4 - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

We can’t cover an Expo and not give a shout out to Paul May of Equipt. Paul had the vision for overlanding as long as we have known him, which goes back to Cruise Moabs of the early 2000s. Paul checks all the boxes for what you want in an expedition gear provider and fellow adventurer. Great to see you Paul! (bookended here between icons Scott Brady and Kurt Williams.)

Equipt expedition outfitters - Expo mountain west toyota magazine

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