2009 FJ Cruiser First Look

2009 FJ Cruiser First Look

We were hoping to include a full test drive review of the 2009 FJ Cruiser. Unfortunately, as of October 1st, there are still no ’09 FJ’s in Colorado (or anywhere else). The 2009’s are available to configure on the Toyota.com website, so we parsed through every option available so we could give everyone this first look.

The main updates for 2009 are in the colors available. The silver ‘Titanium Metallic’ color has been dropped in favor of a ‘Silver Fresco Metallic’. We’re not exactly sure what the difference is since we haven’t seen one in person, but the consensus seems be that it will be a somewhat darker silver. The Iceberg color is now also available, but only in the 2WD “Prerunner” version with the TRD Package. ‘Black Diamond’ is now called ‘Black’, again we’re not sure what the difference is.

There are still rumors of an ’09 Trail Teams edition, but as of publication time those details have not been announced. Another new available feature includes a VSC cutoff switch for times you don’t want the computer taking over your traction. New “active” driver & front passenger headrests automatically absorb impact during an accident to help prevent neck injuries. Roll sensing side-curtain airbags are now also standard on all models. We’re very curious to see how Toyota has added a front map light, and if it will provide enough light to be effective. Another cool available feature is the backup camera integrated into the rear view mirror. Hopefully that can be easily added to 07 & 08 FJ’s.

Rumors of the FJ Cruisers discontinuation have been greatly exaggerated. All of our sources tell us that Toyota has not made any announcements as to the FJ’s future. Sales of FJ Cruisers (and all SUV’s) are currently very slow, but as winter approaches we expect Toyota to move a few more FJ’s and bring those numbers up. We certainly expect it to be around for quite a few more years.

As soon as the new models arrive at our local dealers we’ll have a full hands-on review for current and prospective buyers. We’ll also be publishing our 2009 FJ Cruiser Buyers Guide within the next month or so.