SEMA Show 2017 | Final Day

SEMA Show 2017 | Final Day

With a constantly growing show, we’re seeing more and more new companies emerge in the aftermarket industry.  Around every corner we’re seeing new innovation pushing the boundaries of the automotive industry.  

SEMA Show 2017 Maxtrax

Maxtrax revealed a few new products this year including this heavy duty traction pad with metal cleats that can be replaced if necessary.  They claim this will be the last traction pad you will ever need!

SEMA Show 2017 Factor 55

Factor 55 has been working hard to grow their product listing with a few great new releases including the Flatlink Mulitmount, Rope Guard and the Flat Splicer.

SEMA Show 2017 Magnuson Superchargers

Magnuson Superchargers had a mean looking Tundra on display this year showing off their options for the Tundra platform.  Although not new this year, they have been releasing more Toyota models constantly over the year.

SEMA Show 2017 Extreme Landcruiser

Making a come back was this Extreme Landcruiser towering above its neighbors.

SEMA Show 2017 Project Frontrunner

Project Front Runner on display showing their SEMA build that will be auctioned off March 25th to benefit the Freedom High School Auto Club.

SEMA Show 2017 Cooper Tires 5.11 Tactical Tacoma

Cooper Tires had a wicked 5.11 Tactical Tacoma build on display this year wearing their STT Pros. 

Cooper unveiled their new Evolution line of tires to expand their mid-range options of many popular tire models.  Also on display was their growing winter tire models that look ready to dominate the winter.

SEMA Show 2017 Baja Designs

Baja Designs looking to change the lighting market with a teaser into their new laser technology.

SEMA Show 2017 Bilstein + Proffitts Resurrection Land Cruiser

Bilstein had on display another one of Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers.  This project has been named Retro Crawler using a 1972 FJ40 as the base.

SEMA Show 2017 ICON Tundra Suspension

The Tundra market has been getting a lot of suspension love this year with the release of the ARB BP-51 for the Tundra as well as some 3.0 Coilover options from Icon and King.  

SEMA Show 2017 FJ 40 Land Cruiser Expedition

The Garage Shop based out of North Carolina made another epic journey on their way to SEMA utilizing their modified FJ40 as their main showcase.