SEMA Show 2015: Our Wednesday Gems

SEMA Show 2015: Our Wednesday Gems

Toyota Tundra & Tacoma builds are a dime-a-dozen at SEMA, so we've been seeking builds that stand out from the crowd. While most of these lifted rigs will probably never leave pavement, the concepts are still fun to examine. 

 An interesting looking 4th gen 4Runner with custom bumpers is on display in the front cruise section.

Toyota 4Runner

Rat rods are scattered throughout the exhibition halls. The artistic styles are impressive and appear to exceed the concepts seen the previous year.

Rat Rod

This Tacoma baja racer looks fantastic and ready to rock the track.

Tacoma baja racer

This Kiravan Expedition Vehicle System is unlike anything we've seen before. The tractor-trailer rig looks capable for long-term excursions. 

Expedition Kiravan


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