Remembering Jessi Combs

Remembering Jessi Combs

The world lost a true legend far too early.....

Jessi Combs, known as the fastest woman on four wheels, was killed in a jet car crash on August 27.

Our team has collected the thoughts of many around our industry, and we are all saddened at the loss of such an icon.


remembering jessi combs

Photo: Phillip Jones

Daniel Markofsky, Senior Editor
"I rode an elevator with Jessi at the 2015 Baja 1000 and got to talk a bit afterwards. Jessi’s energy and spirit were immediately apparent. 

Heather Swearingen - Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Digital Editor, Mrs.
"My heart is so sad today! She was such a ray of sunshine everytime we saw her! Today I believe that only the good die young. RIP sweet Jessi."

Rachelle L Croft – Co-owner, Expedition Overland - “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”)
"I looked up to this woman and had the privilege to call her friend. She always reached for hard things and was an inspiration to me and I know thousands of others. Jessi Combs you are gone way too soon. I am thankful for the time spent with you. You are already missed. Until next time my friend. #jessiecombs #toosoon"

remembering jessi combs

Photo: Rachelle Croft

Brandon Walsh (Class 7 Toyota-Sponsored Racer at Brandon Walsh - Homemade Motorsports)
"Sad to hear about Jessi Combs. ? She was attempting to break HER OWN Land-Speed record of 398mph when her accident happened, because no one else could touch it. Sad day but she was doing what she loved and no woman on the planet was more of a badass than her. We staged next to each other at the Baja 1000 in 2017 when she was attempting to Iron Woman the race and it was nice to finally meet her in person. Racing and Motorsports has its risks but we all do it because we love it. Glad she was doing what she loved! She is proof that girls kick our ass at everything boys!"

Mike Jarboe - National Manger, Customer Quality Services at Toyota North America
"I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Jessi at SEMA and in Baja. Her personality and attitude was infectious along with her outlook on life. She had no fear and didn’t let anything limit her or hold her back. It’s heartbreaking that she’s no longer with our community but her fierce spirit will live on and be an example for all on how to live life to the fullest."

Nitro Gear & Axle
"In Disbelief, We Just Lost A Legend - Rest In Peace, Jessi Combs // #JessiCombs"

Ryan Eklund - Canguro Racing team member and Toyota Motors North America Field Technical Specialist
"Sad to hear that Jessi isn't with us any more. She was an inspiration to my kiddo, and always had kind words when we were fortunate enough to talk to her. She went out hauling ass and living her dreams for sure. Godspeed Ms. Combs"

Jackson Philby – Canguro Racing team member, Two Adventures Media, Slee Off-Road
"The world lost a legend, and true American badass. RIP in peace! You were a real badass"

Bruce Dorn (photographer, cinematographer, and director, Overland Journal – Senior Photographer)
"Racing isn’t just driving fast - racing is dancing on the razor’s edge. Dance on, Jesse, dance on."

remembering jessi combs 

Photo: Jackson Philby