ARB On Board Twin Compressor (CKMTA12): It Just Works.

ARB On Board Twin Compressor (CKMTA12): It Just Works.

When we founded FJC back in 2008, one of the first items we purchased for our 2007 FJ Cruiser was a CO2 tank. Combined with our trusty Staun deflators, it served us well for servers years. 

Once the tank was 5 years old and needed re-certified, it sat in the garage for years. We moved to a small minimal duty compressor for airing up needs. 


With the beginning of our GX-460 build, I realized that I needed a more modern solution for air duty. 

ARB Twin Compressor Inflator | Toyota Magazine

In addition to airing up tires, I need to inflate air springs when towing, fix bike tires when out in the woods, and inflate various watercraft such as pink flamingos and stand up paddle boards. Clearly we needed something with power. 

Luckily our friends at ARB USA were able to get us in to a Twin Compressor. We added a slightly modified bracket from Hefty Fabworks, and the air up kit thanks to Toytec Lifts. 

ARB Twin Compressor engine bay install| Toyota Magazine

The result? A top of the line air system suitable for worldwide travel. Or a trip to the local mountains ;)

The ARB Kit comes with a full wiring harness, dual fuses, and detailed instructions. The included switch is currently mounted to the bracket under the hood, but will be replaced with a Toyota specific in-vehicle switch soon. 

ARB Twin Compressor with Inflation Kit | Toyota Magazine

Performance of this compressor really is unparalleled, as has been covered very well in the past. Suffice it to say that airing up our 4 32" tires in less than 10 minutes is awesome. 

There are many options to consider when choosing a method to air up your rig. While smaller compressors and co2 tanks may be a good fit for some, for our adventure family this is  absolutely he best choice.

ARB Twin Compressor with Inflation Kit for airing up tires | Toyota Magazine