A Hearty Congratulations to Kathy!

A Hearty Congratulations to Kathy!

Our magazine has always been focused on the enthusiast, and no one we've worked with in the last 13 years embodies that more than our Creative Director, Kathy Locke.

Kathy joined us just a few short years ago and has helped TCT elevate our brand in ways I didn't know were possible. She's approached every assignment, task, and problem with enthusiasm for our goal of inspiring others with talent and vigor that cannot be described.

Now she's done it again...

Last week our team Slack became quite active when it was revealed that Kathy won both 1st Place for Magazine Writing AND Overall Winner for the Texas Auto Writers Association 2020 Excellence in Craft Competition. Her article "My Journey To Rebelle" in our Spring 2020 issue was the winning piece, and we could not be more excited! 

Kathy has been such a great addition to Toyota Cruisers & Trucks, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Now the rest of the world knows it too =)

You can read her story online or in our Spring 2020 issue.