2022 Tundra: All the Specs

2022 Tundra: All the Specs

Toyota has finally released the (nearly) full specifications for the 2022 Tundra, just in time for our first drive! We’re going to go through the most interesting mechanical specs for 4x4 models in this article, and you can always read every single spec on the Toyota website.

 For details on the all new Infotainment system, see this article. Want to see our full coverage of our First Drive? Subscribe Free!

Engine Specs, Torque, HP, and Drivetrain

Both engines (i-FORCE and i-FORCE Max) start as a 3.5l Twin Turbo, water cooled, 24 Valve, DOHC chain drive. They both require 87 or higher octane. 

The good stuff starts with the HP and Torque. 

For the standard i-FORCE, the 2022 Toyota Tundra comes in at 389hp and 479ft-lb of Torque, both of which are higher than the outgoing 5.7L V8. While many still believe that there is no replacement for displacement, we expect that Toyota has done the proper engineering to create a powerful and reliable entry level option for the new truck.

2022 Toyota Tundra powertrain and engine

Since the Hybrid adds an electric motor between the engine and transmission, the power numbers are quite impressive. The i-FORCE Max Tundra is rated for 437hp and 583lb-ft of torque. The Cummins 5.0 Diesel in the Nissan Titan pushed out only 555lb-ft, so the Hybrid Tundra is clearly in the ‘diesel zone’.

It’s also interesting to note that Toyota chose the Ni-Mh battery for the Hybrid Tundra instead of the more modern lithium based varieties. While we don’t know exactly why they chose Ni-Mh, it’s probably a function of availability, cost, and reliability. 

2022 Toyota Tundra mpg

Both engine options use the same 10-speed transmission first announced for the 300 Series Land Cruiser. The differential and axles are also the same on all models so gear ratios will be identical for every 4X2 and 4X4 version of the Tundra. If we did the math right, the final crawl ratio for the new full size truck sits at a respectable 42.99:1, which is lower than the outgoing truck, but obviously not a rock crawler. Still, slowly crawling down Imogene Pass should be fun in the new Tundra =)

All of this gets you a Hybrid MPG of….well, not released yet...TBD

For the i-FORCE powertrain, Toyota estimates 18/23/20 in 4x2 and 17/22/19 in 4x4

2022 Toyota Tundra mpg

Suspension for various trims

While all 2022 Tundra models will sport the brand new double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension, various trim models add additional features and capability to the truck. 

The sporty TRD Sport has shocks that are sport-tuned and a 0.5” lower front suspension, while the TRD Off Road uses Bilstein shocks that are setup for dirt.

The TRD Pro swaps out coils to give 1.1” front lift and uses FOX internal bypass on the front, with remote-reservoir FOX shocks on the rear. The TRD Pro also includes a new front stabilizer bar.

2022 Toyota Tundra mpg

The rear suspension of the 2022 Toyota Tundra is all new as well, losing the old-school leaf springs in favor of a multi-link suspension. Adaptive Variable Suspension and an automatic load-leveling rear height control Air suspension are options that you’ll find on various builds as well.

Wheels + Tires

We all know Tires (and often wheels) are the first items upgraded from stock, the 2022 Tundra still has a variety of great options depending on the trim level.

The stock SR and SR5 come with 18” steel wheels that we’re all used to on a base level Toyota truck. TRD Sport bumps it up to the 20” black alloy wheels.

Limited, Platinum, and 1794 trims each include their version of the 20” alloy wheels.

TRD Off Road includes 18” wheels on the SR5, or 20” on the Limited or 1794 Trim.

Finally, the TRD Pro includes new 18” Black wheels running 285/65R18 (33”) Falken Wildpeak tires. 

2022 Toyota Tundra wheel options

Dimensions & Exterior!

We normally do not get too deep into the weed with dimensions, but there are a few key facts about the new Tundra that are worth mentioning.

Perhaps most exciting for many readers, is that the CrewMax is available with the longer 6.4’ bed! Also, the truck is longer in all versions for 2022, so if the old model barely fit in the garage, this one may not without some modifications. The short bed CrewMax is now 233.6” long, which is almost 5” longer than the previous truck. 

2022 Toyota Tundra wheel options

For exterior options, the list is fairly substantial depending on the trim and option packages. Some interesting notes that we’ve found include:

  • All models will include LED lighting pretty much everywhere, even on the SR model.
  • The bed power outlet is available either in a package or standard on all models except the SR.
  • In order to get the really cool ‘bump switch’ to release the tailgate, you’ll need at least the Limited trim or higher.
  • Mirrors for most trims (except SR and SR5) include LED turn signals
  • Touch sensor lock/unlock handles are standard on all trims
  • Multi-terrain select, CRAWL control, etc is standard on TRD Pro but optional as part of a package on SR5, Limited, and 1794.
  • Locking rear differential is standard on TRD Pro but optional as part of a package on SR5, Limited, and 1794.

 2022 Toyota Tundra wheel options

As we expected, the 2022 Toyota Tundra is available with many models, trims, and options, and should meet the needs of virtually all Truck enthusiasts. We feel like Toyota really has outdone themselves on this truck, and can’t wait to spend more time behind the wheel!

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