2014 Rock Therapy

2014 Rock Therapy

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App Storedownload_nowAs another May comes to an end, another Rock Therapy goes in the books.  Filled with dusty days and blurry nights, Rock Therapy 2014 was again a must attend Tacoma events of the year.  

Nearly 70 trucks were in attendance this year (including Tacomas, 4Runners, FJ Cruisers, a couple Lexus GX450 and even a Jeep), showing off their rigs and new modifications to their friends of new and old.  This was a great opportunity for the sponsors to see first-hand, their products on a variety of customer vehicles.  At the same time, it was a great opportunity for the attendees to meet and hang out with their favorite sponsors and thank them first hand for their hard work.  

2014 Rock Therapy Event

This year had an amazing lineup of sponsors who helped make Rock Therapy 2014 stand out.  Through their contributions and donations, campsite amenities were covered 100% and  the raffle helped raise over $3,000 to help Area BFE and Stay the Trail Colorado continue their ongoing efforts to improve the off-road community.

Rock Therapy 2014 Sponsors:
Toytec Lifts - http://www.toyteclifts.com
Cascadia Vehicle Tents - http://www.cascadiatents.com
Area BFE - http://www.areabfe.com
Low Range Off Road - http://www.lowrangeoffroad.com
Bay Area Metal Fabrication - http://www.bayareametalfab.com
Pelfreybilt Off-Road - http://www.pelfreybilt.com
All-Pro Off-Road - https://www.allprooffroad.com
Rebel Off Road - http://www.rebeloffroad.com
Rock Toy Industries - http://www.rocktoyindustries.com
Addicted Offroad - http://www.addictedoffroad.com
Downsouth Motorsports - http://downsouthmotorsports.com
Relentless Fabrication - http://www.relentlessfabrication.us
BeerSnap - http://www.beersnap.com
Toywerx (Homertaco) - http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/homertaco
Spidertrax - http://www.spidertrax.com
Bruteforce Fab - http://bruteforcefab.com
Skinkwerks Rockware - https://www.facebook.com/Skinkwerks
Anti-Dark - http://www.tacomaworld.com/forum/anti-dark
Stay the Trail Colorado - http://www.staythetrail.org

Most of the trucks camped out in Area BFE, and the event included: daily trail runs, a centralized bonfire, sand dune jumps for the long-travel rigs and a very impressive raffle. There are always many trails to choose from in Moab during gatherings like these, which Moab seems to be one of the off-roading capitals of North America, and never seems to let anyone down.

Rock Therapy gives Toyota owners an opportunity to gather with like-minded individuals and explore the amazing trails that Moab has to offer.  Gatherings like this allow experienced drivers to get together and push their limits as well as gives drivers who are less experienced an opportunity to grow and learn just how capable their trucks really are.  However, this year did have its fair share of trail damage to go along with its success stories, including: two roll overs, one near flop on “hells gate”, numerous counts of door and fender damage, mangled slider, busted wheel, at least one driveshaft, one destroyed 3rd member, a few CVs and even a power steering pump.

2014 Rock Therapy Event

This year also drove home some important lessons for organizers and attendees.  We learned the importance of watching each other’s backs on the trail.  When communication gets lost among the group, accidents can go unseen until it is too late.  Many of the incidents that occurred on the trail could have been avoided with better communication among the trail leaders and drivers.  Issues also came about with larger group sizes.  When large groups gather, it is easy to fall into a spectator state of mind.  No matter who is with you on the trail, it is important to be watchful and be willing to lend a hand when needed.  The person leading the trail should point out: ledges, boulders, drops and holes that they have seen that others may not.

Rock Therapy, has been and always will be a fraternal type of gathering with a unique structure that allows its attendees to relax, be flexible about trails and just have fun.  If you haven’t yet taken the pilgrimage Moab for Rock Therapy, don’t miss out on another year and start your planning today!  

“Moab was awesome my second year! Met some new great people and got to see all the awesome people from last year!” – Jackie Hall

“I have more bug bites than I can count, and my phone is gone in Moab somewhere. I would not ever trade it for any other vacation. Thanks for year number three in a row of awesome wheeling, partying, and hanging out with amazing friends. You guys rock.” – Aleks Ghislain

 “Not far from the border now..... yet another amazing time down in Moab, just raises the stakes that much higher, glad I was able to lead and tail gun a couple runs this year!!! Next year should be interesting. Thanks for some new memories boys and gals.” -Joe Bulhoes.


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