Clazzio Seat Covers

Clazzio Seat Covers

DSC_0238For this installment of our seat cover reviews, we contacted TRD Sparks about a set of Clazzio Seat Covers. The great thing about Clazzio covers is that they are very customizable. The outer material is made of a quality PVC product and is available in 4 colors. Next, the inner material can be PVC, Leather, or suede in many different colors. Finally you can choose a custom stitching color to complete your customization. Fully customized covers take a little longer to arrive since they’re made individually at the factory, but for a truly custom seat cover they’re well worth the wait!

The install took a little less than two hours, thanks in large part to the amazing instructions that came with the covers. Some manufacturers only provide ‘generic’ instructions for their covers, but this Clazzio set from TRD Sparks comes complete with custom directions for the FJ Cruiser. They include full color photos with captions that detail exactly how to do each step. The grammar is a little off sometimes, but it’s very easy to see what needs to be done.

The most difficult part of the job is installing the covers on the front head rests. Since these covers fit so tightly on everything, getting them around the headrest is basically a two person job. You have to push in on the sides of the headrest to slip the cover on. It’s a small price to pay though for such a great end result.

I mentioned these covers fit tight, and that may be an understatement. Since they are PVC & leather, there’s very little stretch involved so they are manufactured to fairly tight tolerances. The covers are attached with straps, Velcro, and string to cinch everything down. The result is a very OEM look. The instructions also include a method for ‘massaging’ the material to ensure everything fits as tight and smooth as possible.

The look is also amazing. While the outer panels are PVC, they look very close to the leather inner panels. The white stitching really accents the seats and gives a custom look. Clazzio has taken every detail into account to make sure nothing interferes with the fit, and that really shows once everything is installed.

The final two details I want to touch on for these covers are the driver’s seat and the rear 60 bench seat. First, since the driver’s seat includes an adjustment knob & lever, those items have to be dealt with effectively. The install instructions are very clear on how to remove each of these so you can install the cover correctly, and they even include a black install tool so you’re not pushing on your new covers with a screwdriver. Finally, the rear 60 bench seat is an issue with other seat covers because of the seatbelt running down the middle of it. Again, Clazzio has great instructions that detail how to remove the top plastic seatbelt cover, unzip the seat cover, and slide it around the seat. It takes a little work to get things aligned, but once you’ve got that figured out the covers zip up and look great.

Another aspect of the install that I’d like to mention involves the armrests. They’ve done a great job on these as well by including a zipper at the rear of the armrest so you can install the bolt & zip up the rear part of it. To save manufacturing time and keep the cost low, Clazzio doesn’t ship front seat covers with holes pre-cut for the arm rests. This means you’ll need to cut this hole yourself if you’re installing armrests. It’s really not difficult, just be careful to cut out a small area, you don’t need much of a hole to install the armrests & you definitely don’t want to cut too much.

So the install went fairly well, they look GREAT, and so far they’re very functional. We’ll be throwing everything we can at this set of covers over the next few months so we’ll report back on how they hold up. We’re expecting that they’ll do very well despite our abuse. Check back in the October issue (and online) for more updates.


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