Introducing CBI Off Road

Introducing CBI Off Road

CBI Off Road - January 2014 TCT MagazineBack in 2000, when Steve Eagan started the business he was primarily a Toyota guy. Occasionally doing different projects for people he knew.  As the business began to grow, so did the need for a larger shop and more help.  Through 2010, Steve was a one man show with an occasional part time helper. Steve basically built the bumpers, shipped them out, and was his own accountant, salesman, and etc.  In 2010, Nathan Wright and his father came in to help take CBI from a one man army to what you see today. 

download_nowNow CBI Offroad offer services and custom builds for all makes and models. Their production lines are primarily focused with Toyotas and Jeeps, producing products from bumpers to sliders to roof racks and everything in between.  Even though their production lines are among the top products in the market, CBI is known for their custom work.  With a growing product line and a name for quality, CBI is showing they will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

On a recent visit to Idaho Falls, ID, we had an opportunity to meet up with Nathan Wright and see what makes CBI Offroad tick…CBI Off Road - January 2014 TCT Magazine

What are some your goals as a company?
Our goals at CBI are to continue our growth as the leading bumper and parts manufacturer for Toyotas and Jeeps. We have set some great goals that will help us in our growth as a company. Looking forward, these will help us delivery product quicker, offer new and improved products, and expand our reach to those customers who can’t access our products.

What are some of the hardest things to overcome as a fabricator in this market?
Competition is tough in this industry. The biggest challenge most of the time is educating the customer on quality versus price! Price seems to speak the loudest but quality will trump price every time. We want to sell the best in quality products, whether we manufacture them or resale them, and that is the challenge to educate the customer to the difference of each.

What can we expect out of CBI in 2014?
Customers can expect some great new products from CBI in 2014! Look for new bumpers (including our new 5th gen 4runner rear bumper) along with many new bumpers and products for Toyotas and Jeeps. Also look for more selection of our newly released ditch light brackets!

What sets you apart from your competitors?
Quality and customer service! These are the principles that our business was built on from the beginning and continues to grow from.  

There isn’t anyone out there that puts out the quality of bumper that we do. It is a combination of the right material (both quality and the correct gauge or thickness) along with the best fabricators in the business. I have professionals in the industry all the time comment to us on the quality of our products and especially the quality of the welds!

We are a full service offroad shop offering fabrication and service and mechanical. That is why people bring their vehicles to us from all over. We can build a custom bumper and auxiliary fuel tank and then put it all together, plumb it, and even do a gear swap and differential service too! What I’m trying to say is many shops just fabricate or do service related items or resale other peoples products. We do it all!

We know you have many US and Canadian customers, but where's the furthest CBI customer? CBI Off Road fabrication shop - January 2014 TCT Magazine
We have sent products to Australia, Bulgaria, locations across South America and Mexico, Hawaii, and many locations along the country of Canada.

What is your favorite vehicle to work on/build for and why?
We love all vehicles we work on but deep down the roots of CBI are Toyotas, so we all get excited about a good Toyota build! The next would be custom projects. We get them in all shapes and sizes. Our customers have great imaginations and that allows us to all put our head together and come up with some great builds that are unique, and very functional!

We thank Nathan and his crew for their hospitality and taking the time to sit down with us.  Stay tuned to future TCT features as we take a first-hand look at some of the quality products that CBI Offroad offers.

For more information on CBI Offroad and to see how they can help bring your rig to the next level, check out their website, or visit them on their Facebook page for up to date product information, custom projects, customer photos and new releases.

CBI Off Road Built Tacoma Rack - January 2014 TCT Magazine

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