Patriot Campers in the USA!

Patriot Campers in the USA!


Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the Google Play Store!Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreThe reputable Australian made Patriot Campers off-road trailers are now available in the USA! Patriot is well-known throughout the world for their rugged and feature-rich trailers, built to tough Aussie specifications. Check out their popular YouTube marketing video for the X1 trailer—the video has over a half-million views.

Exploration Outfitters, located in Mead, Oklahoma, is the official importer for all things Patriot Camper. I caught up with Matt Green, owner of EO, to ask some questions about the Patriot product lineup. Exploration Outfitters, located in Mead, Oklahoma, is the official importer for all things Patriot Camper. I caught up with Matt Green, owner of EO, to ask some questions about the Patriot product lineup.

Patriot Campers Arrives in the USA

Which features are the biggest selling points for the X1? 

The X1 is a fantastic trailer for an adventurous family, packing a ton of features into a very small profile. All X1 models include a king-size bed contained within a roomy, open tent design with the ability to add an additional “kid’s room” for even more room for larger families. The X1’s feature a full pull-out kitchen on the driver’s side of the trailer, including a cooktop, sink, room for your favorite brand of fridge/freezer, and an optional swing-a-way arm for a Propane grill. Additionally, X1s feature as standard an onboard propane instant hot water heater system and either 18 or 36 gallons of water dependent on model. A variety of upgrades are available for the X1 models, including diesel-powered hot water, tent heating systems, and lithium batteries. All X1 trailers are equipped with a proprietary-designed independent suspension system as standard equipment. The setup features dual shocks and airbags, allowing for adjustment in suspension characteristics dependent on the load within the trailer. This also provides the ability to level the trailer when setting up camp on uneven terrain.

Patriot Campers Arrives in the USA

The X2 is slightly smaller. What are the biggest selling points for the X2?   

The X2 line of trailers from are designed as the perfect “quick getaway” rig. Dependening on tent selection, the X2 can accommodate between 2-3 people comfortably, and maintain a lot of the standard features of the X1 trailers. The X2 is more compact and agile, while still offering a lot of storage for gear and equipment. A lot of that configurability comes from the Rhino Rack platform included as standard on all X2s. If this weekend calls for a roof top tent, and next weekend calls for kayak mounts, no problem, the X2 is ready to meet those needs. The X2 can be optioned in a variety of different ways, including full kitchen systems, awnings, Bluetooth stereo, etc. X2s come standard with one 120AH AGM battery (2nd battery optional) as well as 18 gallons of onboard water. The X2s shine on set-up time and dependening on tent selection, an X2 can be completely deployed within 5 minutes! 

All Patriot Campers products use only the best components available in the off-road industry. Both the X1 and X2 lines feature electrical control systems manufactured by RedARC Electronics, one of Australia’s finest brands and now available in the United States. Their battery management systems are intuitive, user-friendly, and low-maintenance, providing you with all of the information that you need regarding the status of your electrical system. All Patriot Campers are able to be charged via the tow vehicle or shore power and are also 100% solar-ready. Additionally, all Patriot Campers units come standard equipped with a 6 on 139.7 bolt pattern to match many Toyota vehicles from the factory.

Patriot Campers Arrives in the USA

What RTTs do you offer for the trailers? 

For the X1 models, the tent is included with the trailers and features the king-size bed and optional “kid’s room”. For X2s, tent selection is left up to the customer’s specifications/needs. We recommend and offer tents from Tepui, TJM, and James Baroud. We can source additional models based on customer request.  

Can a trailer be ordered custom tailored to align with a customer's preferences?  

Customer preferences are always valued, and we accommodate those requests as much as possible. Patriot Campers are available in 4 colors, Antarctic White, Graphite, Patriot Green or Blue. Hub patterns can be configured based on customer request, and on X2 models, tents can be optioned based on user’s needs. Additionally, accessories are available directly through Exploration Outfitters such as solar panels, portable toilet systems, and other “loose items” to round out your camping needs.

What tire sizes are available for the X1 and X2?   

Standard tire size on all trailers is a 285/75/16. All of the trailers will accommodate up to a 35” tire. 

What hitch systems are available for the trailers?  

All Patriot Campers trailers feature the amazing DO35 hitch from Vehicle Components out of Australia, which is in our opinion the absolute best off-road hitch available on the market. Gone are the days of fighting to line up bushings and pins. The DO35 uses a standard ball mount to mount the DO35 hitch pin, offers full 360-degree articulation, and is incredibly easy to connect. 

Patriot Campers Arrives in the USA

If there's something you wanted to say to help persuade someone to invest in a Patriot Campers product, what would it be?

Australia is renowned for having some of the toughest, most-remote off-road terrain anywhere in the world, with users who push their equipment to the absolute limits in the spirit of adventure. Patriot Campers has won Australian Camper Trailer of The Year for the last 4 years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). That is a testament to the quality and design that goes into the campers. The Australian team at Patriot Campers is comprised of well over 100 employees whose passion in life is designing the finest off-road trailers in the world, and none of them will accept any compromise in quality. While an investment in a Patriot Campers product is a large investment, you are investing in a trailer that will last you through a lifetime of adventure, adapt to your needs as life changes, and most importantly, never let you down. Patriot Campers are advertised as the World’s Finest Offroad Camper Trailer, and they truly live up to that name. Further information can be seen on Patriot’s YouTube channel, via the Exploration Outfitters website, during events throughout the country, or by visiting the EO Showroom. We have X1 and X2 models deployed and available for viewing.   

Lastly, keep your eyes out for new and exciting things coming soon.

Patriot Campers LC79 

To help launch the brand in the United States, Patriot sent over their Land Cruiser 79 build for SEMA. Equipped with a V8 turbo diesel, it rides on 37-inch tires and is loaded with Patriot products. I was granted the opportunity to see it up close and in action just before it was shipped off to Las Vegas. The Toyota and Patriot Campers combination make this the ultimate world travel vehicle.

Patriot Campers Arrives in the USA

Patriot Campers Arrives in the USA


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