The Final Word

The Final Word

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Clay Croft Expedition OverlandAuthenticity, it’s a word that the world is scrambling to reconnect with. Our lives are digital, our relationships are virtual, our “experiences” are so often composed from an image or video we wish was our own. It’s a sad state really, and even though the world is losing its tangible connections, all is not lost. The good thing is that the world is still waiting: it hasn’t gone anywhere. The fact is we still move through it. Whether we engage in it or not is up to us.


    I can imagine that for many people, reading this magazine serves merely as a quick fix. A way of buying time to settle our adventurous fevers before we head out again. I know it is for me. Some of you may be new to the world of adventure based vehicles and are just now discovering what they can do for you. Whoever you are, I would encourage you to reflect on your vehicle as a vessel: a tool to expand your horizons.download_now

    A map will reveal new places, a camera will document them. A vehicle can get you there.  However, you’re only snapping that photo from your truck at this magnificent location because you decided to take action.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that some of you have an adventure ready rig in your driveway that hasn't seen a whole lot of legit dirt. The fact is a stock Tacoma, 4Runner, Landcruiser, or other Toyota Truck are all adventure ready rigs. All too often we make our vehicle the adventure, not the adventure itself. This can serve its purpose for a short time, but in the end if you fail to act on that capable tool in the driveway you're flirting with disaster. Becoming the common taboo poser. Worst case scenario, you begin to portray yourself out there as someone who thinks he has something to say, no-body likes a poser turned troll.

This person generally reveals himself as someone who has more answers than questions! I’m not saying that you have to become the next Sir Shackleton or world traveler extraordinaire. What I am saying is that you need to take steps to act on the reason you have that piece of machinery in your garage in the first place. I believe that there is a strong desire in each one of us to explore and push ourselves to find new things.

Curiosity is the gateway drug to this potentially life changing endeavor. An endeavor to find out new things about the world around us, other people, or ourselves. I also believe that deep down we all want to make our own decisions and be our own people. Pursuing this desire is respectable and it makes us individuals. Adventure is at its best when it breaks us down through struggle and challenge and builds us up to be influential contributors to the very world that’s shaping us.

One might think that’s a little heavy handed when describing your weekend trip. it?
However, if you take in your collective experiences of traveling, overlanding, or wheeling, it amounts to something...right? I would venture to say it has contributed to your opinions, work ethic, or values in some way. By doing all this you now have something tangible to share with the world. You might have just sat next to your buddy for weekend and built something rewarding: A real relationship!  

If you haven’t yet found your adventure, I urge you to look at all that is before you. A world of wonder and discovery awaits. I encourage you to take the red pill, kick your potential poser self out to the corner and let courage jump in. Trust me, you’ll like him better. But the only way to know this for yourself is to get out there and do it.  I guarantee that you will experience something genuine that will contribute to your life. It might even make you someone who is authentic. And that is something everyone else seems to be looking for.


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