Innovation and Quality = SCS Performance Wheels

Innovation and Quality = SCS Performance Wheels

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If you are searching for a wheel that is unique and is designed to specifically fit your Toyota, then you need to check out Stealth Custom Series.  SCS is a wheel company dedicated to sleek, dynamic, and modern wheel design. SCS was founded by a group of off-roading enthusiasts in 2011 in Northern California that focuses on limited-production and premium wheel models. Their wheels are engineered, manufactured, and inspected by one of the most respected alloy wheel producers in the world. All SCS wheel models adhere to industry safety standards and are approved by JWL, JWL-T, and VIA to ensure uncompromised quality. The wheels are hub-centric and are specifically designed for Tacomas, FJ Cruisers, 4Runners, and Tundras.   download_now

SCS Wheels for Toyota Trucks

To get scoop on this up and coming wheel manufacturer that has Toyota owners everywhere drooling, I caught up with Vin at SCS.   

Q: What are some of your goals as a company? What sets you apart from other wheel companies in today’s market?
Everyone at SCS is passionate about creating killer wheel designs that will stand the test of time. The design process usually involves looking at classic wheel designs, listening to our customers, reworking sketches and staying on top of visual trends. We might spend most of our time creating desirable products, but what sets us apart might be the fact that we take pride in giving our supporters the best customer service experience. Our goal as a wheel company is simply to continue to excite the off-roading community with our innovative and premium wheel designs.

Q: What are some of the hardest things to overcome as a wheel producer in this market?
We are committed to quality over quantity so the toughest part of starting the business was choosing a manufacturing partner who shares the same values as our company. We spend an extensive amount of time in the studio on the design of our wheel models so we needed a partner who's invested in the details and quality of the final product as much as we are.

Q: How extensive is the SCS Performance line of wheels?
SCS currently caters to Toyota’s 6-lug bolt pattern in the truck and SUV segment. Our current selection of wheel models are the 16” F5 and the 17” Stealth 6. With the success of the Stealth 6, we will soon offer this model in a 20x9 size that will cater to the 2nd gen Tundra community. Look for this to release around early May 2014.

The response for the F5 and Stealth 6 from the off-roading community has been so positive that our new wheel design has big shoes to fill. Named the Stealth Runner 8 or the SR8, this new model will feature a concave spoke design to create a deep dish effect. The SR8 will showcase a simulated beadlock look with removable screws. Our initial offering will be for the Toyota 6-lug pattern in 17×8.5 and 16×8 sizes.  The target release date for the SR8 will be late April, early May 2014.  
To keep our line of products fresh, SCS introduces unique wheel finishes in limited edition throughout the year. Look out for our new matte dark bronze finish for the SR8 and F5 models this spring.

Stealth 6 Specs
•    Size: 17x8.5 / 20x9
•    Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7
•    Backspacing: 4.30” / 5.50”
•    Offset: -10mm / +12mm
•    Weight: 23lbs / 28lbs
•    Hub-centric: Yes
•    Max load: 2100lbs

Stealth 6 SCS Wheels for Toyota Trucks

F5 Specs
•    Size: 16x8
•    Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7
•    Backspacing: 4.50” / 3.50"
•    Offset: +0mm / -25mm
•    Weight: 19lbs
•    Hub-centric: Yes
•    Max load: 2100lbs

F5 Wheel SCS Wheels for Toyota Trucks

SR8 Specs
•    Size: 16x8 / 17x8.5
•    Bolt Pattern: 6x139.7
•    Backspacing: 4.00” / 4.30"
•    Offset: -12mm / -10mm
•    Weight: 21lbs / 24lbs
•    Hub-centric: Yes
•    Max load: 2100lbs

SR8 SCS Wheels for Toyota Trucks

Q: Does SCS have a personal favorite wheel that they have produced so far?
We love the F5 and Stealth 6 models equally, but based on the amount of positive feedback we’ve received for the SR8, we think this might be our best work so far. We’re just as excited about this design as is everyone in the off-roading community.

Q: How do you see SCS evolving in the future with the current changes in Toyota’s line up?
As Toyota continues to evolve their line of trucks and SUV’s, we are taking notes. We will continue to offer wheel models that complement the overall look and feel of the lineup, but always with an off-roading edge.

The entire SCS wheel line up has sparked excitement in the Toyota Off-Road community.  I personally share in the excitement that Vin and Team are building on at SCS with the highly anticipated release of the new SR8. I have been running factory TRD Off-Road wheels since I bought my Tacoma in 2007 waiting for the right wheel to come along.  SR8 is more than I had hoped for and I cannot wait to place my order later this month.  
If the Stealth Custom Series wheels are for you, then make sure you check out their website and place your order today!

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