LoD Rear Bumper - Final Thoughts

LoD Rear Bumper - Final Thoughts

We’ve had the LoD Rear bumper installed for nearly 18 months and overall we’re very happy with it. Before we get into our final thoughts, let’s review the details of this bumper. This version is the full bumper with spare tire carrier, jerry can mounts, and trail rack (we don’t normally run with the trail rack or can mounts attached). The bumper can carry up to a 37” tire, but we’re running near stock size 285/70R16 Nitto Trail grapplers. It’s constructed with 3/16” steel and has held up very well on our adventures all around the west since we installed it in 2010.

The carrier is integrated with the door, so when you open the door the carrier goes with it. The entire assembly has been rattle free for the most part, the adjustable bump stop has had to be tweaked a couple of times to eliminate all noise from the bumper. The heavy duty 1.5” hinge pin has performed very well, although it’s noticeably more ‘sticky’ in the winter due to lower temperatures. The rear door is much more difficult to open & close in the winter than in the summer, and the entire assembly is (obviously) heavier than the stock door & carrier.

The powder coating on the bumper itself has held up very well. We don’t use the racks on a regular basis, which is probably a good thing as the powder coat on both the jerry can racks and the trail rack has a chipped a little. Other than that there is no rust or other finish issues besides the nice scratch we added to the driver’s side on Chinaman Gulch last summer.

While the bumper is much heavier than the stock plastic, it hasn’t changed the handling of the FJ too much. It’s noticeable that there is more weight in the rear, but we haven’t had any problem tackling moderate and many difficult trails since the install. Depending on your suspension setup, you may consider going to a slightly heavier spring if you’ll be using larger tires and the racks on a regular basis.

As one of the few rear FJ Cruiser bumpers with integrated tire carrier capable of handling 37” meats, the LoD bumper is a really great option. It’s built tough to handle plenty of gear and some of the most difficult trails. The added weight is expected for a heavy duty rear bumper, and the adjustable heims and greaseable hinge are great added features. At $1,909 retail for the full version we’re running it’s a little on the pricey side, but definitely worth it if you need all the add-ons and the ability to carry big tires.

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