Review: ARB's Zero Fridge/Freezer

Review: ARB's Zero Fridge/Freezer

Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the Google Play Store!Get Toyota Cruisers & Trucks Magazine on the App StoreMy family and I wandered the canyons of southern Utah this past April. The weather was idyllic with temperatures in the lower 70’s and nighttime lows in the 40’s. High cumulous clouds passed over the red rock of Canyon Country while tints of red reflected across the bottom of the clouds.


There is no better place to be during the spring season. My wife, Louise, and our daughter, Lilly, joined me in biking, hiking, exploring, and relaxing in this slick rock wonderland. Oh, and we had a new piece of equipment:  an ARB Zero Fridge/Freezer. 

Yes, the 12-volt fridge is nothing new in the off-road expedition world. For years, adventurers have raved about them, and rightly so. Gone are the days of ice and food swimming in water. A 12-volt fridge is the best purchase many adventurers have made, even though it is an investment. Fridges can run from $700-$2000, depending on size and manufacturer. That is not inexpensive, and price is something to consider when evaluating the different sizes and models. ARB recently developed the Zero line of fridges/freezers and did so with some unique features.

The new ARB Zero line of dual-zone fridges/freezers comes in 73 qt and 101 qt sizes.  We used the 73 qt model on our nine-day trip wandering the canyons of red rock country and the ole stomping grounds of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  The 73 qt model was a perfect size for the three of us.  We packed the dual zone Zero as a one-zone fridge to start our trip. The beauty of the Zero is that you can make it a dual-zone or remove the interior wall to make it one fridge or one freezer. We easily packed the Zero with the many organizational baskets provided inside. Once packed, we determined the lid would be easier to open on the right side. So, removed it from the left side and snapped it on the right side. The lid is designed for easy removal to accommodate numerous vehicle-mounting options. Ingenious! 

Louise and I prepared breakfast in the heart of Robber’s Roost in south central Utah.  We retrieved the necessities with the help of the Zero’s LED interior light. After breakfast, I placed a few warm cans of seltzer water inside to cool during the day’s drive. I decreased the Zero’s temperature using my iPhone. I can control the Zero via a phone app or ARB’s LYNX system. We used both to control the Zero without an issue. With the fridge repacked, it was time to motor onward. 

We biked high above the waters of the Colorado River. The red, tacky dirt was a blast to bike. Fast and flowy. We stopped for a snack, and I pulled out the Zero fridge/freezer that was mounted on my ARB roller drawer system. ARB lowered the display panel to the bottom of the side panel.  The LED display is easy to navigate and to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius. I really liked how I could press and hold down a display button to show the battery’s voltage, which is a great feature to consider if your vehicle is equipped with a single battery system. The control panel also has a USB port, allowing to charge anything and everything. I plugged in my phone, ate a snack, and reached for a cold seltzer water deep in the Utah desert. 

A few days later, we found ourselves in a small, rural town in southern Utah. Lilly wanted ice cream sandwiches. Not one, but a box. She knew we had a freezer.  I replaced the thermal wall inside the fridge and dropped the temperature on the one side to 10 degrees. We now had a fridge and a freezer— dual zone overlanding solution. The ice cream sandwiches lasted a few days. They served as a great desert treat There’s something special about enjoying ice cream next to a crackling juniper fire in the desert of Utah.

Like many adventures and journeys, they end all too soon. We spent a final night outside Capital Reef National Park. We watched the “magic hour” over the Temple of the Sun and Moon. I waited for the full moon to rise to take some pictures of the moon’s rays “playing” on the rock. After returning to camp, I opened the Zero Fridge/Freezer and grabbed a cold pilsner. A night cap in canyon country. 

The ARB Zero Fridge/Freezer did not make or break our trip. However, it did make things easier and more efficient. When I wander through Mother Nature, I want things to be easy, less stressful, and more efficient. I desire to take more pictures, hike/bike a few more miles, and prepare hassle free meals. Whenever you are about to purchase your next overland gear, ask yourself:  does this make camp life easier and efficient? If so, consider purchasing it. ARB’s new dual zone ZERO Fridge/Freezer does just that! 

  • Attractive color scheme.
  • Dual controls for each compartment.
  • Internal baskets keep contents organized.
  • Controlled through phone App and/or LINX system.
  • Removable lid allows for easy access.
  • Integrated USB port to charge devices.
  • The height of the Zero is a consideration, depending on vehicle.

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Don’t need a dual zone fridge and freezer?  ARB makes single zone Zero fridges in sizes 47 qt and 63 qt sizes.

73 qt and 101 qt dual-zone models


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